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The Brazilian Association of Software - ABES has recently released a survey titled "Brazilian Software Market - Trends and Outlook - 2010", which discloses that Brazil is in 12th position in the world, moving from 15.366 billion dollars (equivalent to 0.96% of Brazilian GDP), with 5.452 billion in software (1.69% of the world market) and the remaining 9.914 billion were moved into related services.

Brazil is in 5th place among ten countries with better conditions for the export of technology services, as published by consultancy AT Kearney in 2007.

With extensive know-how and experience in the area and in view of the expansion Brazilian market in technology, the firm has advised companies that produce, distribute and market software, hardware, firmware and infrastructure, helping them set solid goals and plan the future according to their expectations, so that this plan is in place to benefit the company, always monitoring the excellence of results and the appropriate corporate structure, without putting at risk the assets of shareholders and allied with technology contracts that reflect the reality of the company.

This expertise is reflected in the achievement of IT clients, which allows greater flexibility in the delivery of work and comes across to new clients trust and credibility.

The firm develops projects of technological innovation, research and development (R & D) with the use of all tax benefits, assisting in the detailing of the accountancy and fiscal policies to avoid the risk of assessment.