Tax Planning and Tax Audit

Tax Planning and Tax Audit

• Analysis of all financial information, tax, operational, commercial, administrative and financial, among other aspects to decrease tax burden and their effects;

• Diagnostics and study of legal and customized alternatives for low taxes, less bureaucracy and management of taxes;

• Advice and assistance of tax credits to maximize results and avoid administrative penalties;

• Analysis of laws and courts decisions for adaptation to the company's operations, as well as analysis of illegalities and unconstitutional for risk and
taxes reduction, as well as elaboration of consults and opinions;

• Analysis of incentives, tax benefits, financing, economic support in the area of Technology, Innovation, Research and Development - R & D;

• Analysis of foreign trade operations as well as the tax impacts of international deal and treaties as well as the taxation of other countries;

• Advice and assistance on transfer pricing in the products and services commercialization;

• Specific assistance in operations of business acquisitions, merger and acquisitions – M&A, spin-off, joint ventures, as well as analysis of tax impact,
capital gains, revaluation of assets, patrimonial equity, etc.;

• Orientation about procedures for sale and purchase of Zona Franca de Manaus (ZFM), Free Trade Areas (ALC) and the Western Amazon, and obtaining tax incentives and special tax regimes and similar;

• Tax liabilities management, with the proposition of customized solutions to minimize the development of tax debts.

Tax Audit

• Auditing the company’s accountancy to decrease unauthorized taxes, tax assessments and even criminal (cases of tax evasion, fraud, etc.);

• Crossing of information, tests application, comparisons and analysis about financial transactions, operations, and contractual relationships;

• Tax Compliance;

• Due Diligence of societies and industrial, commercial, service companies and other areas of public or private initiative, mergers and acquisitions – M&A