Since 2000, the firm has a different proposal on legal advice and assistance with high expertise in areas of tax, corporate, contractual and international and in the segments of information technology, telecommunications, cosmetics, plastics industry, logistics and foreign trade.

The firm also offers, creative and innovative solutions of compliance for organizations looking for development, growth, security and protection about business risks, solving complex issues and cases that needs high specialization, allied with the logic, structure and business intelligence to maximize the
results with legality.

The firm uses sophisticated technology and methodology, working in all phases of the project from diagnosis to its implementation and execution, using
modern techniques of internal and external management, such as:

• Workflow;

• Metrics (control of time and costs);

• Continued Innovation;

• Ishikawa Method - Total Quality;

• Process and Project Management;

• Control by Time Sheet;

• Management of Key Performance Indicators - KPI's;

• Administrative and Operational management by ERP;

• Reports available to clients by intranet.

The firm also works in national and international markets through partners, assisting Brazilian companies wishing to expand their operations overseas, investors and foreign companies.