Corporate Reengineering and Protection and Asset Management

Corporate Reengineering and Protection and Asset Management

Articles and News

• Legal and customized structuring of limited liability companies – LLC, corporations and partnerships adapting to the logic, structure and business

• Implementation of compliance for the transparency and credibility of the activities of the company to shareholders and investors;

• Analysis about spin-off, incorporation or mergers and acquisitions – M&A, trespass and joint ventures;

• Create and review of operating agreement with the objective of raising funds and investments for seed, angel investor, venture capital, private equity,
debentures, IPO, or funds / investment clubs, to finance the expansion and growth of the company;

• Development of shareholders agreement defining the voting rights, preference, profit sharing, put and call, stock option, agreements blocking and limiting
shareholders responsibilities, creation of executive officers council;

• Business Plans & Financing, properties and inheritance in order to protect the interests of shareholders and business generation;

• Dissolution of companies, business survival plan and bankruptcy.

Asset Protection

• Creation and management of family holdings and subsidiaries;

• Management and control of Brazilian and foreign equity and financial assets, tangible and intangible;

• Succession planning and implementation;

• Drafting contracts of stable union and dating, premarital agreements, etc. as well as analysis of property schemes;

• Complete assistance in purchase and selling of companies, assets and operations, negotiation and joint ventures implementation, associations and other business partnerships;