Taxation of affiliates around the calendar today

The trial on the constitutionality of taxation of profits of associates and subsidiaries abroad can be done today by the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Originally scheduled for yesterday, the analysis of the theme - the impact of which is estimated at U.S. $ 36.6 billion - was postponed for lack of time. Throughout the session yesterday, the ministers discussed just who\'s jurisdiction for actions against private pension plans.


Attorneys of the National Treasury and dozens of corporate lawyers yesterday thronged the plenary of the Supreme awaiting the judgment of affiliates. The expected tax lawyers, however, is that the analysis be next week. On the agenda of today\'s session, available on the website of the Supreme Court, the three cases on the subject and analysis of the Vale injunction to suspend the charge appear at the end of a list of 29 cases.


The list contains other important cases, such as the discussion on the constitutionality of the review sought by retirees retirement, with an impact of $ 49.1 billion for the EU is also on the agenda Constitutional Amendment No. 62, which allowed the payment of installments precatory. (BP)


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